I recently had the opportunity to assist a local security company with some promotional images. It meant that I had to spend a couple of fun and exciting days with them and I must say that it makes you look at the industry in a whole different way. Share


    One of my old clients recently asked me to assist them in capturing some images for an upcoming client diary and a revamp of their website. I spent an amazing day capturing all of their operations from start to delivery of the final product. Share


    We all know how essential it is to have regular portions of fish added to our diets. What to do though if your wife is not too keen on fish and in particular fish bones? She’ll set the most delicious piece of fish aside at the first glimmer of a bone. Canned fish is an …


    I just seem not to be able to resist the allure of water. This image was shot upside down in a tank of water. Just loved the ripples on the surface. Share